Dr Seuss Nursery

Before my son was born I spent an incredible amount of time preparing his nurses for his arrival. I’m not really sure why i did it as we were in a rental and I knew that we would not be there long term. Never the less, it was a way to nest and prepare for the little mans arrival. A Dr Seuss Nursery was the perfect magical place to bring hime home to

Sure enough we ended up moving within a year of his birth and his nursery was painted over before he was ever old enough to truly enjoy it. I’ve been asked a few times about how I did the walls, so I thought I’d share.  This is also a lovely way to remember such a special place, even if we were not there for long.

Unfortunately I can’t even find any of the finished pictures, which is amazing because I feel like I spent that entire year taking pictures! Anyway, the work in progress pictures will have to do!

Dr Seuss Nursery Truffula Trees
Truffula Trees
Dr Seuss Bookshelf
Thing one, Thing Two Bookshelf
Cat in the Hat Wall Graphic for Dr Seuss Nursery
Cat in the Hat Wall Graphic

 Dr Seuss Nursery – Where to Shop

For the wall graphics, I used these decals from Etsy.

They were not cheap, but they looked amazing. They are made from matte vinyl that looks like paint once applied to the wall. I had several people ask me about how I painted the walls once they were applied.

For the bookshelf, I used these picture ledges from Ikea. They were super cost-effective and a good solution for such a small space.

I also made a themed magnet board for the room. I used this board from Ikea and glued some Dr Seuss fabric to it. Five years later, the board is still going strong in our new house.

Dr Seuss Magnet Board
Dr Seuss Magnet Board


I got my Dr Seuss Nursery fabric online here, but your local fabric shop might have something too.